Umbra Icognito

The Story so far....

2 - On the Run

Fixer Smiley sets them up for a pitch downtown

Meet Mr Johnson at Club Coda who asks them to find and retrieve some old optical disks that were stolen by an unknown hostile. He would prefer that you steal them back, but doesn’t mind if you want to negotiate for them back instead.

The runners check their contacts and come acrossan Orksploitation Rocker named Nabo who spoke about getting a strange offer

The runners go to Redmond where Nabo is giving a concert, break into his dressing room, steal his phone and find an email from an unknown source

A riot breaks out a the concert and Lone Star arrives to bust it up

The runners hide out in Oddjob’s doss

Horizon hacks the signal back to a hacker called “Zipper” who is mediocre at best

The streets say that Zipper hangs out at a place called the “Cathode Glow”

Runners go and intimidate Zipper into giving up her friend “Kerwin Loomis” the
owner of a dive bar in Redmond called Ruby’s


DestinyEngineer DestinyEngineer

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