Umbra Icognito

To a Bar

Scarin some hackers

The team gathers intel form Nabo’s phone

who sent the email and where to find them.

travels to an old run down hacker club in the ice cream van

Ruckus summons a spirit of a bum who was nearby to go in to the club and count the number of patrons. Oddjob sent spy drones to check the back door. Old Jim the spirit said there were no hostiles inside

Flex went inside and flexed all over the place, using his cyber enhancements he was able to figure out who sent the email. it was a female dwarf Hacker. After scaring everyone in hte bar, the girl told flex she didn’t have the disc and told us to meet KerwinLoomis at another club.

While Ruckus stood guard duty at the door . Hroizon cyer blasted the bar so no data could be sent or recieved.


DestinyEngineer elektrikboogaloo

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